Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Signature D Summer 2013 Collection - part 1

Yellow millefiori square wire necklace

The leading necklace in our summer 2013 collection is this lovely yellow millefiori square illusion necklace.

The simple design is perfect with summer outfits and the colour screams of hot days in the sun.

The necklace is available to buy from our folksy shop

Monday, 27 May 2013

Signature D Classics - Part 1

Clear cube wire bracelet

Here is one of the earliest Signature D designs.

Clear and pink cubes have been attached to beading wire to create a simple but lovely bracelet which is the number one design principle of Signature D.

The bracelet is available to buy from our folksy online shop

Monday, 29 April 2013

Elastic Stretch Bracelets

Stretch Bracelets

Today I'm going to share with you how I make elastic stretch bracelets.

You will need

  • Elastic beading cord
  • Beads - ensure that the hole in the beads is of sufficient diameter to hide the knot in the elastic.
  • Glue -GS Hypo Cement or similar
  • Scissors


Start by cutting a length of elastic approximately the circumference of your wrist plus 2 inches.
Next stretch the elastic out by pulling on each end - This ensures that is doesn't overly stretch when completed.
Thread the first bead and loop the elastic around it - this will keep the bead secure and stop them falling off the elastic.
Thread the other beads to the required length.
Once all the beads are in place, remove the loop on the first bead and tie a knot.

I tie the left thread over the right once and pull tight, tie the left over the right and loop through again. then pull tight.
Picture of knot
Start of knot

Put some glue on the knot.
Wait 24hrs for the glue to dry.
Cut the extra length of elastic close to the knot and push the knot inside a bead to hide it.

Glass Bracelet
Finished Bracelet

Monday, 22 April 2013


Handcrafted Ear Wires

Its fairly straightforward to make your own ear wires for earrings.

To start you will need.
  1. Wire - I use a 0.6mm diameter wire.
  2. Side Cutters
  3. Round nosed pliers
  4. Something round to shape the ear wires. I use the handle of my wire rounder but any round object such as a pen will do.
  5. Flat nosed pliers
I like to make a pair at a time, as you can ensure that they are the same size and rounded in the same place.


Start by using the side cutters to cut two lengths of wire approx 6cm long.

Using the round nosed pliers create a small loop on one end of the wires.

 Shape the wires over the round object. i usually start about half a centimetre from loop.

Using the flat nosed pliers, bend the wire by the hook forward.

 On the other end, bend the wire back.

Hammer the front part of the loop to flatten it, this helps to harden the wire and keep its shape.

For the finishing touches file the end of the wire so that its smooth.

For variation, small Beads or Crystals can be added to the area by the hook or wire wrapped around it.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Illusion Necklaces

Another item that i love to design and make is the illusion necklace.

The basic idea of these necklace is to secure beads in place at set intervals on metallic beading wire, this creates the illusion of the beads floating in place. 

To make these i start by laying out the chosen beads with the required spacing between them on a beading board.

Then i cut the wire to the length i want the final necklace to be plus a few extra centimetres to make the loops that hold the clasp. 

Next i make the first loop on one side of the wire and secure it with a crimp bead

Then i start to crimp the beads in place along the wire.

Once all the beads are in place, i then make the loop on the final side and add a clasp to it.

Here is a photo of the completed necklace.

I have this necklace available for sale on Etsy


Monday, 8 April 2013

Multiwire bracelets

One of my most popular designs and the most fun to design and make is the multiwire bracelet

They are started by cutting two to three matching length's of jewellery beading wire, Crimping them together and then weaving beads together on the wire.

The bracelet above uses three strands of wire and two types of bead, a Swarovski 6mm fire opal bicone and a 4mm Matt Blue cobalt Myuki Bead.

I start by placing one cube on each wire then thread all three wires through the firal opal bicone. Then keep repeating until you get to the required length. Once you have finished threading the beads you crimp the wire together.

I also create a more delicate version of the bracelet by using 4mm Swarovski Crystal bicones and Myuki size 11 seed beads.

These are perfect for everyday wear or a special occasion.

Look out for a future blog entry which will show the step by step guide to make these.

Monday, 1 April 2013


The holidays are always spent with family, this involves a couple of hours roadtrip to the south coast of england.

The route takes us through shaftesbury and just on its outskirts lies Stitchncraft Beads. Its become a tradition to stop here and check out their fantastic range of beads.

This visit we picked up some 2mm czech glass pearls, Silver lined green myuki traingle beads and two types of 3mm fire polished beads.

I'm now looking forward to getting home to start designing with them.