Monday, 22 April 2013


Handcrafted Ear Wires

Its fairly straightforward to make your own ear wires for earrings.

To start you will need.
  1. Wire - I use a 0.6mm diameter wire.
  2. Side Cutters
  3. Round nosed pliers
  4. Something round to shape the ear wires. I use the handle of my wire rounder but any round object such as a pen will do.
  5. Flat nosed pliers
I like to make a pair at a time, as you can ensure that they are the same size and rounded in the same place.


Start by using the side cutters to cut two lengths of wire approx 6cm long.

Using the round nosed pliers create a small loop on one end of the wires.

 Shape the wires over the round object. i usually start about half a centimetre from loop.

Using the flat nosed pliers, bend the wire by the hook forward.

 On the other end, bend the wire back.

Hammer the front part of the loop to flatten it, this helps to harden the wire and keep its shape.

For the finishing touches file the end of the wire so that its smooth.

For variation, small Beads or Crystals can be added to the area by the hook or wire wrapped around it.