Monday, 8 April 2013

Multiwire bracelets

One of my most popular designs and the most fun to design and make is the multiwire bracelet

They are started by cutting two to three matching length's of jewellery beading wire, Crimping them together and then weaving beads together on the wire.

The bracelet above uses three strands of wire and two types of bead, a Swarovski 6mm fire opal bicone and a 4mm Matt Blue cobalt Myuki Bead.

I start by placing one cube on each wire then thread all three wires through the firal opal bicone. Then keep repeating until you get to the required length. Once you have finished threading the beads you crimp the wire together.

I also create a more delicate version of the bracelet by using 4mm Swarovski Crystal bicones and Myuki size 11 seed beads.

These are perfect for everyday wear or a special occasion.

Look out for a future blog entry which will show the step by step guide to make these.